Rolf's Sea Salt

Our range of Sea Salt consists of 5 Flavoured Sea Salts and a Plain Natural Sea Salt.
Our Flavoured Sea Salt comes in a handy 120Gr tin with a window and a practical shaker.

Also available in a 350 grams refill bag.

Using Rolf’s Flavoured Sea Salt in your everyday cooking is the simplest thing you can do to elevate an ordinary meal into something sublime. Sea Salt is naturally rich in minerals and lower in sodium making it a healthier and tastier choice!
You will of course still need your salt and sea salt, but it is both useful and fun to keep a jar of these flavoured salts within easy reach. If your salts are visible and near the stove, you will reach for them often.
Try them on poached eggs, baked potatoes, grilled fish, corn on the cob, tofu or on any finished food that you would normally season with regular table salt. You can also place a small quantity directly on the plate and have your guests salt their own food.


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