Noo Chocolates

Handmade on the Wild Atlantic Coast

Noo Chocolates is owned by Mary and Damien Corrigan. Growing up, Mary was always known to her family as Noo, which then became Noo Chocolates!

Noo Chocolates came to life in December 2017. It is the result of many years of chocolate obsession, making small batches over and over until we had perfected the flavours and combinations.

They started making chocolates as a hobby back in 2011, after a gift from a chocolate workshop. After one-half day, they were hooked, and bought their equipment the very next day and got busy! Over the next 6 years, using their family and friends as tasters, they worked out which techniques and flavours were the most successful. In 2017, an opportunity came up to set up their own chocolate business, which they grabbed with both hands and haven’t looked back!


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