Moran's Mega Jam

Moran’s Mega Jam Ltd, specialists in quality homemade Jams, Chutneys & Relishes was originally set up as Moran’s Homestore in 2010 and changed to Moran’s Mega Jam Ltd in 2012. The products in Moran’s Mega jam are made in Ballinagh, Co.Cavan. They are made from only fresh, locally sourced ingredients, handmade to the same perfected recipes. Their philosophy is to always use the finest, freshest ingredients possible and source as much as they can from local growers and producers.

Over the years Kieron and Claire Moran have experimented with many different ingredients and spices, always using what is in season.

By always choosing local, they know that they always get the best produce and at a reasonable price. All their ingredients are prepared fresh by hand. They do not use processed foods, colourings or artificial flavourings. This ensures that all their tried and tested recipes are at the highest quality and consistency.


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