Meltdown Hot Stuff

Meltdown Hot Stuff was launched back in September 2019. The company was originally founded by Maeve O’Malley.  Starting as a pop-up shop in 2018 called Meltdown. They offered the humble toasted sandwich. Meltdown wanted to create a sauce to go with their new sandwiches. Something that was light, flavoursome and most importantly had a kick to it.

The sauce grew to be extremely popular so they decided to start placing bottles of the homemade hot sauce on the tables in Meltdown’s cafe.

After numerous requests for the spicy habanero goodness and seeing the bottles of hot sauce disappearing quickly off the tables, Maeve decided to develop the sauce further.  She decided to start making it available to local shops and other retailers.

​It is an ideal addition to your eggs and is great for spicing up a sandwich or any other dish on the menu!

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