Corleggy Cheese

German-born Silke Cropp came to live in Belturbet, Co. Cavan in 1981. Surprised and frustrated by the lack of availability of quality cheese locally, she was determined to make her own. Through a process of trial and error she gradually developed a number of cheeses.

Corleggy cheeses are made using raw milk. Each milk type cheeses are made using milk from one local herd. All of Silke’s cheeses are made at Corleggy Farmhouse on the banks of the river Erne.

Corleggy is a hard goat’s cheese made using unpasteurised milk and vegetarian rennet. The brine-washed natural rind contains a smooth ivory-white paste, which takes on a slightly deeper shade as the cheese ages. Young Corleggy Hard Goats cheese is mild, yet richly aromatic, while older cheeses become harder, stronger in flavour with more earthy notes and a discernible piquant finish.