Achill Island Sea Salt

Achill Island Sea Salt is a business run by the O’Malley Family. They were inspired by the long-forgotten tradition of salt production on Achill Island. In the time-honoured style, they started producing sea salt in their own family kitchen back in 2013.  Due to the ever increasing demand for natural sea salt they moved their production to a custom modified facility in Bunacurry on the island in September 2016.  This move has allowed them to increase production. Transforming a local small business to the nationally recognised award winning brand that it is today.

Through a combination of sustainable traditional and modern techniques, they have created a great tasting, pure and natural Irish Sea Salt. Their sea salt is organically hand harvested in small batches using a slow evaporation process. The characteristics of their Sea Salt can directly be linked to the environment it is found.  The high mineral content of the grade A wild Atlantic waters that surround Achill island allow for a distinctive taste and texture to the sea salt flakes.

From humble beginnings in the family kitchen, the O’Malley Family have seen their sea salt garner worldwide favour.  It is used by professional chefs, home cooks and food lovers.  Anyone who appreciates the taste and quality of hand harvested sea salt allowing for that extra dimension that it can bring to their cooking.